About Us

Davidson & Davidson is a small law firm operating out of the Greater New Orleans area. The law firm is composed of two lawyers‒John Davidson, who has been admitted to practice law since 1974, and Chris Davidson who was admitted in 2008. The lion’s share of our work is in the accident case, wills, succession, and real estate fields. Both attorneys are also closing agents and insurance underwriters for First American.

This website is intended to provide information, commentary, opinion, and news by its contributor. Nothing on this website is intended to be legal advice or a substitute for actually consulting an attorney in real life. There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of documents, forms, examples, or cases. The only guarantee that we can give is that there is absolutely no guarantees on this website. With that said, I will continue with the about us. . .

This website is designed for the information seeking, legal question asking, internet user, that is seeking out information regarding Louisiana law. Since this is the information age most people with an internet connection are capable of finding out the law and the cases themselves. The information is no secret. In an attempt to inform my fellow internet users, I will sometimes post example forms. I’m not going to pretend that you can’t draft these forms yourself, but I’m not going to represent they are legally sufficient.