Let the food truck fight begin.

Food trucks around the country are facing strong opposition. It sounds counter-intuitive for municipalities to suppress small businesses, but these stories are popping up nationwide. The ABA recently reported a food truck vendor operating in Chicago faces anti-competitive ordinances. This includes laws that restrict the distance a food truck can operate from another business that sells food or beverages and caps on the amount of time a vendor can be parked in one spot.

Chicago is not the only political subdivision restricting free enterprise. Locally, Jefferson Parish passed several ordinances to “regulate” food trucks that popped up after Hurricane Katrina. Under the pretext of sanitation, Jefferson Parish effectively squashed any possibility of a thriving food truck industry. Meanwhile, food trucks in New Orleans are facing imminent danger of being regulated out of existence. Food trucks are pioneers of small business and everything should be done to allow these vendors to flourish.

Meanwhile, this author supports food trucks every last Wednesday of the month at Finn McCool’s Irish Pub in Mid City. Send a message that you support small businesses, free enterprise, and good local food by attending the monthly food truck rally.

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