Peremptory challenged.

The jury selection (or voire dire for you lawyers) process is both an art and a science. In its online journal the ABA recently reported an incident where a defendant purportedly had an encounter with one of the jurors sitting on the jury panel in his own trial. The juror in question is said to be working as a lawyer in corporate finance and securities as a “partner in an elite Manhattan law firm.” The juror-lawyer is alleged to have flipped off the defendant while catching a taxi cab leaving the court house, ostensibly because the defendant was trying to steal her ride. After giving an angry look at one of the attorneys the defense objected to the juror’s impartiality .

The first question I have is why is a lawyer sitting on a jury? A not-so unspoken trial strategy among lawyers if to remove all the attorneys from the jury panel. The only exception that I can think of would be a case that involved highly technical or elaborate legal theories where an attorney-juror may be beneficial. Even under those circumstances it would be a risky move. Needless to say the article reports the juror was later released, it is unclear if her removal was connected to the glaring look. Read more ¬†about the incident on the ABA’s online article:¬†“Lawyer who flipped the bird at defendant is removed as juror; was cab conflict the reason?”


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